This Inovi Technologies AWS schooling course in Noida offers you whole talent in deploying the AWS cloud platform at scale. As part of the education, you may paintings on deploying AWS programs, learn about SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and Virtual Private Cloud and master AWS infrastructure exceptional practices. The AWS job possibility in Noida is surely promising, thanks to Noida being one of the top IT cities placed in Noida. Some of the biggest era enterprises from each India and abroad name this city their home; due to this there may be an expanded want for certified AWS professionals, and the salaries can surely go through the roof, way to AWS being one of the top cloud computing and garage structures deployed via a majority of businesses. The AWS market in Noida is swiftly rising, thanks to the large quantity of corporations from round the world having their improvement and transport facilities in Noida metropolis of India. Getting the right training in AWS like the Inovi Technologies AWS certification training can help professionals to make the fine of this rising AWS marketplace in Noida. Get Amazon Web Services Training in Noida with actual-time experts at Inovi Technologies. We agree with that studying Amazon Web Services in mixture of practical and theoretical could be the perfect manner to recognize the generation in brief way. We designed this AWS Training in Noida from simple level to the latest advanced level. We do guide our individuals for respective Certifications which is an added benefit to the contemporary marketplace. Our crew of Amazon Web Services Trainers could be able to handle any sort of actual-international eventualities without problems. Because they're working in top MNC’s and they are supplying this Amazon Web Services Training in Noida as handiest element-time. Our Amazon Compute & Networking Services, Amazon Storage Service & Content Delivery, Amazon Database Services, Amazon Application Development & Identity Access Management with plenty of stay realistic examples. This AWS certification route in Noida is aligned to the February 2018 Exam released by AWS. It will help you study the important thing principles, modern-day trends, and excellent practices for operating with the AWS structure – and grow to be industry-ready aws certified answers architect that will help you qualify for a role as a amazing AWS expert. Practice assignments and 3 stay initiatives are designed to present you fingers-on enjoy with the AWS control console. AWS Training in Noida at Inovi Technologies is designed to offer you the abilities required to kick begin your adventure as an AWS cloud expert. You will benefit an in-depth understanding within the primary services in AWS. Apart from getting to know the storage, infrastructure aspect of the AWS cloud, the curriculum designed through the AWS Solutions Architects at Inovi Technologies will help you to advantage entire understanding on the way to layout, plan and scale the applications within AWS. Inovi Technologies Provides Best AWS Training in Noida. We train students from fundamental to superior principles, inside a real-time assignment. to advanced techniques which are taught by skilled operating experts. With our Amazon Web Services Training in Noida, you’ll examine concepts in expert level with sensible way. We offer professional AWS Training in Noida with 10+ Years Experienced Expert Level Professionals. We Create Excellence With Some Eminent Experts. Learn how to use Amazon Web Services from beginner stage By this Amazon Web Services, it's far very smooth to control worldwide infrastructure. Best aws training institute in noida It is a language in addition to running device sceptic platform. It is open and flexible to use and it permits mainly focusing at the modern-day improvements. It is the long lasting era platform and very secured one. It is used for multipurpose motives which includes having access to movies, track, movies and so on. It particularly manages the catching provider and affords excessive performance for rushing up dynamic web packages. There are huge necessities of Amazon Web Services Developer inside the coming days. So, it'll be added a bonus after the licensed path of entirety to gather high-quality task within the most reputed groups. To get more info more visit here:
Course Content:
1.Introduction to Cloud Computing
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Why Cloud Computing?
Benefits of Cloud Computing-
Types of Cloud Computing
Public Cloud, Private Cloud,-
Hybrid Cloud
Software as a Service, -
Platform as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service
Horizontal vs. vertical scaling-
Cloud Computing Issues
What is virtualization?
Virtualization and cloud -
Types of virtualization
Virtualization terminologies
Vendors-Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Introduction to the AWS
Elastic computing
Introduction to the AWS products
Regions and Availability Zones
Signing up for AWS
AWS Free usage tier
Introduction AWS management-
Instances creation
Understanding AMI
Launching your first AWS instance
On-demand Instance pricing, Reserved-
Instance pricing
Setting up security, Security-
Choosing the AMI
Creating a new AMI Ÿ Public and-
Private IP's
Deploying a new instance from the-
created AMI , Key
Pairs, Elastic IP's
Creating database
Configuring backups
Configuring the maintenance windows
Connecting to the database.
4.EBS (Elastic Block Storage)
Creating volumes from snapshots
Create EBS volumes
Delete EBS Volumes
Attach and detach EBS volumes
Mounting and u-nmounting EBS volume
Creating and deleting snapshots
Creating volumes from snapshots
5.Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
What is VPC?
VPC configuration
VPC security
Elastic IP's
Inbound and outbound ACL's
Route53-Creating zones
Hosting a website
Understanding routing policies
Weighted simple and failover policies
6.Identity access management(IAM)
Creating Users and Groups
Applying policies
Password Policy
Roles Command line management
Identity federation
7.Cloud Watch
Cloud watch dashboard
Configuring Monitoring -
Setting thresholds
Configuring actions
Creating a cloudwatch alarm
Getting statistics for ec2 instances
Monitoring other AWS services
Configuring Notifications
Integrating cloud watch with-
Auto scaling Simple
Notification Service (SNS)
what is SNS?
Creating a topic
Create subscription
8.Auto Scaling & load balancing
Create an Auto Scaling group
Create a policy for your Auto -
Scaling group
Set up an auto-scaled, load-balanced -
Amazon EC2
application Identity access -
Create load balancer
Manage Load balancer
9.Simple Storage Service
What is S3?
S3 Infrequent Access storage
S3 durability and redundancy
S3 Buckets
S3 Uploading Downloading
S3 Permissions
S3 Object Versioning
S3 Lifecycle Policies Glacier storage
10.Relational Database Service-
Selecting the Database type
Configuring the database
Creating database
Configuring backups
Configuring the maintenance windows
Connecting to the database.
11.Overview topics
Cloud Formation- What is, Deploying-
template, Create
Stack, Delete Stack, Provisioning application-
resources with Cloud Formation
Cloud Front-Use of cloud front, Creating-
a cloud front distribution, Hosting a -
website of cloud front distribution
Elastic Beanstalk -
Creating environment
Troubleshooting using Cloud Trail
12.Case study
Creating and managing a multitier-
application on AWS platform
Best practices for AWS
control strategies
Overview of AWS certification
AWS troubles hoting
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