APIWALA is the Best BBPS API provider in India. BBPS (Bharat Bill payment system) is a one-stop alternative for all bills providing an interoperable and easy-to-get "Anytime any location" charge payment service to all customers across India with certainty, reliability, and safety of transactions. BBPS an innovative way to cover all utility bills at one stage, BBPS system allows multiple modes of payment and provides instant confirmation of payment through an SMS or receipt. BBPS system takes different classes of bills like power, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills, etc. via a single window. BBPS empowers every citizen to cover their bills under the same window. We provide customized service to our clients as per their requirements.
BBPS is regulated by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) which comprises all sorts of bill payment solutions such as water, electricity, insurance, Gas, landline, postpaid, and other bill payment services. The client who is already running bill payment services may add electricity bill payment API, BBPS bill payment API, water bill payment, gas bill payment API, postpaid charge payment API, and insurance bill payment API under Bharat bill payment API services.

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