Along with being a very important decision career option after 12th, it is also a difficult decision to take, especially in today’s context. Today, students are faced with numerous options and several courses all of which look almost equally lucrative and interesting. This wide range of courses available today have further complicated the decision making process for the students. Gone are the days when a career as an engineer, doctor, chartered accountant and in other such core fields was the only good career opportunity. Students today have far more options available to them as compared to the ones a few years back.

They are far more open to experimenting with new fields and are building careers as software tasters, software engineer, ethical hackers and many other such fields that were completely unheard of a few years back. Now it is the time to think over the career options after 12th science and many more related questions that are puzzling in his mind about what should he choose as career after 12th?

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