Oracle is an object relational Database Management System developed by Oracle. The Advanced Oracle Training in noida offered by CIITNOIDA is intelligently designed to help the aspiring candidates get detailed insights on various concepts of Oracle DBA architecture, database structures, security, schema objects and much more. The Advanced Oracle DBA Training will help you become a Professional Oracle DBA who can perform functions such as developing and maintaining databases required for testing, development, production usage and education, perform capacity planning, to develop and maintain database, works closely with system administration, perform tuning of the database, install new version of Oracle DBMS, control migration, enforce and maintain database constraints to guarantee integrity of the data, troubleshooting with issues related to the database and much more. The Oracle Course in Noida covers various modules including Oracle 11g R2 Grid infrastructure concepts, Grid infrastructure installation and configuration, Oracle Automatic Storage management concept, cluster installation prerequisite for Oracle 11g R2 RAC, grid infrastructure installation, database software, cluster node management, troubleshooting oracle clusterware, oracle data guard architecture, configuring data protection mode, developing logical and physical standby database using SQL, performing switchover and failover and much more.

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