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Date Posted: 28 Febrero
The future of shopping: The drastic increase in the online shopping of shoes

•Why do people need to care about their shoes?

People do notice a man’s shoes. shoes are a visual endpoint, separate from the rest of the clothing. It, therefore, receives a disproportionate amount of attention. No matter how gorgeous you dress looks, you are never going to feel comfortable and confident without the right pair of shoes. Such is the importance of shoes in the entire appearance. Hence, caring about such an important item is an absolute necessity.

•The growth of footwear industry in this turbulent time.

For the first time ever, shoppers are going to the web for most of their purchases. Online buying of shoes occupies a lion’s share in such change. Recently, it is known from an analysis by a renowned analytics firm that consumers are now buying more shoes online than from any physical stores.

According to a survey, more men and women are getting involved in activities like running and yoga. Hence, because of this athleisure trend among the people of today, the increase in the sales of shoes are taking place. Also, these people who are interested in buying shoes use their smartphones to purchase a specific model of shoe they are interested in from the online shopping stores; thereby boosting the sales of shoes from the online stores.

•Why there is such an increase?

People, today, don’t want to waste their time in buying shoes from physical stores as they have to stand in long queues and spend their times. But, while purchasing shoes from online, they get a swift and hassle-free service. Naturally, they would opt for the latter.

Plus, they get to select a pair of shoes from various models present in the virtual racks of the online stores. Choosing the cheaper one of the shoes from the collections of more than one such online platform is what makes online shopping of shoes so interesting than its physical and conventional counterpart.

•The future of footwear: Can we expect another game changer in this matrix?

Like most disruptions, electronic commerce got off to a shaky start in its initial days. Today, however, the things are on the brighter side for online shopping sector. With a gradual increase in the use of smartphones among the people, more and more people are expected to turn to online shopping services via their smartphones.

shoes are an important part of fashion apparel, its sales from online shopping sites are bound to increase. What we are seeing today is only the beginning. It is estimated that digital information influences about 50% of online sales, and this number is growing rapidly.

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