The Swaraj 744 XM tractor is a popular agricultural vehicle in India known for its robust design and high-performance capabilities. It is a multi-purpose tractor that may be used for a variety of farming tasks such as ploughing, sowing, and harvesting. The Swaraj 744 XM tractor is powered by a robust 48 horsepower engine, delivering maximum efficiency and production. The Swaraj 744 XM Tractor Provides you a different Features like-
• The tractor has mechanical/power steering (optional) for improved manoeuvrability.
• The tractor also includes oil-immersed brakes, which make it extremely effective at braking and preventing slippage.
• It has a 60-litre gasoline tank, which helps with extended hours of work and saves money.
• The tractor model has a high fuel efficiency, adjustable front axle, steering lock, mobile charging, comfortable seat, and a safe ride.
• It has an appealing appearance and style that appeals to the new generation of Indian farmers.
• The tractor model has a 400 MM ground clearance.
• It also provides a variety of unique attachments such as tools, a bumper, ballast weight, a top link, a canopy, a drawbar, and a hitch.
The Swaraj 744 XM Tractor Price ranges from Rs. 7.02 to Rs. 7.49 Lakh*, making it inexpensive and budget-friendly for farmers. The tractor is reasonably priced. This tractor has all of the latest and greatest features.
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