It is a two-year program offering several job opportunities in the corporate world, primarily at the managerial level. MBA being a professional degree offers a wider scope as it is open to students from all the streams i.e Science, Commerce and Humanities. MBA gives a much-needed push to the career as it accelerates professional growth. Some advantages of pursuing an MBA are brighter job prospects, bigger paychecks and having an edge in terms of work criteria.

However, many times students are sceptical about their choice of college and their means to take up a better job. Therefore, Admission Waala is an MBA Abroad Consultant in Delhi NCR, which offers admission guidance and career counselling. It also assists the student to qualify for MBA programs in the top universities/colleges of India and abroad and thus, carve the path for their future. We help students to pursue their MBA from the USA, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, China, Australia, Canada, Russia, Ireland, Finland, Georgia, Nepal and Bangladesh.

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