O3+ seaweed purifying cleansing gel Rs 1.450
Location: Noida - Uttar Pradesh
Date Posted: 10 Diciembre
Get clear, oil free skin with O3+ Seaweed Cleansing gel that is enriched with Seaweed extracts that removes dirt and dead skin cells to attain clean skin. It also fades appearances of acne and post acne marks while clarifying skin with its anti bacterial action.

•This product is a miracle boon for normal to oily and acne prone skin.
•Helps in controlling the appearance of acne and post acne marks.
•Enriched with Marine Minerals that reduce the oily and clarify skin.
•Effectively removes dirt and excess oil from the skin.
•Leaves skin feeling refreshed

•Gives a shine-free, matte finish

•Formulated in Italy by world class dermatologists.

•Recommend by salons world wide.

•Paraben free.

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Price: Rs 1.450

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